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Jan 17th 2017

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Samsung's Gift Horse

Oculus, Google, LG, Airbus, Samsung, AT&T
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Guests: Elise Hu
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is part of a courtroom battle between Oculus and ZeniMax Media, a videogame publisher that accused Oculus of the theft of critical technology that made its way into the finalized Oculus Rift headset. Zuckerberg is confident that Oculus products were not based in any way on ZeniMax’s technology.

According to a note to developers spotted by The Guardian, prices for apps in the Apple store are going up in the UK, India, and Turkey. The price hikes will affect apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Google and LG are gearing up for a big wearable announcement event on February 9, according to VentureBeat sources. Android Wear 2.0 is expected along with a duo of new smartwatches created in a partnership with LG and Google.

We'll finally have our self-flying cars by the end of this year, at least according to attention seekers at AirBus. At a tech conference in Munich an executive at the European aircraft maker says they will test a single-seat flying taxi prototype in Oregon by the end of 2017.

Today is the final day for the 6-second Vine video service. Users can snag all of their Vines from the site for posterity. The Vine app will turn into Vine Camera allowing users to continue shooting 6-second masterpieces for upload to any service they choose including Twitter.

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