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Jan 12th 2017

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I Bot It at Amazon

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Jeff Bezos says Amazon will hire one hundred thousand full-time workers, with jobs at all skill levels from engineering to factory building. A spokesperson for the company says the openings will be for employment across the US, and not just in Seattle or Silicon Valley. Amazon plans to fill the positions over the next 18 months, giving us a hint at the speed at which they plan to open physical stores, more warehouses, and build out their cloud computing business.

According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Apple representatives have been looking to buy original content from Hollywood creators. The content might then be available to people who pay the $10/month Apple music subscription fee.

If you pre-ordered the throw-and-go Lily Robotics personal drone, I've got some bad news for you. It's been delayed. Forever. After $34 million dollars in pre-orders, Lily is shutting down, saying they don't have the funds to produce it.

The European Parliament released a draft report proposing a kill switch for robots to limit the amount of damage they do when they turn on us. The proposal on robot governance includes general principals about what to do when or if robots become self-aware, including liability issues and a classification system for the registration of advanced robots.

Pandora is laying off 7 percent of employees, according to a letter to shareholders by CEO Tim Westegren. He also said they'd exceeded growth, due in large part to lucrative advertising deals. Pandora still plans to release its $10/month streaming service later this quarter.

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