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Jan 10th 2017

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Apple Fixes Battery Bug; Amazon Gets an F
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Guests: Molly McHugh
Category: News

Apple says they've fixed a bug that caused wild fluctuations in battery performance during the Consumer Reports testing of the new Macbook Pro. Consumer Reports is reportedly considering retesting the device.

John MacFarlane, CEO and co-founder of Sonos, has resigned from his role with the company after 15 years at the top. Patrick Spense, currently the Sonos President, will take over in the lead role. Macfarlane says he didn’t want Spense to always feel like a founder was looking over his shoulder.

Greenpeace released its renewable energy report and says that Google, Apple, and Facebook get good marks in renewable energy efforts, but Amazon lags behind. HBO, Netflix, and Hulu all received Fs for the amount of energy they use from all your binge watching.

LG has had a bad year. Its flagship LG G5 didn’t move the needle throughout 2016, and part of the reason could have been its bold but ultimately unsuccessful trial of modular functionality with LG Friends. 2017 will be different. LG announced the G6 which will have a larger 5.7” QHD display with an unprecedented 18:9 aspect ratio. LG says consumers want larger displays, so this is one way that LG is attempting to right the wrongs of its last flagship device.

Tesla Motors has poached another Apple employee. Chris Lattner, creator of the Swift programming language, is joining the electric car company as VP of autopilot software.

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