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Jan 6th 2017

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Cook's Books Cause Second Looks

CES, DJI buys Hasselblad
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Guests: Sam Machkovech
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Network World says the Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on D-Link, a company that makes routers, smart plugs, security cameras, and baby monitors, claiming unfair practices. The suit claims that D-Link engaged in unfair or deceptive acts, and that they failed to take reasonable steps to secure their products, making them vulnerable to hackers.

Samsung’s 2016 calendar year seemed to be defined by many as the year of exploding Note 7s. It turns out, even in light of all that negative attention, Samsung is projecting record profits in its Q4 2016 earnings thanks to its strong positions in the OLED and chip industries.

Sources tell TechCrunch that Chinese drone-maker DJI now owns a majority stake in high-end Swedish camera company Hasselblad, which means your future quadcopter could come with a pretty fancy camera.

This has been the CES that Amazon built, sort of. Alexa is EVERYWHERE, including coming soon to Ford vehicles by way of its SYNC 3 technology. Ford drivers will soon be able to use Alexa to control their media, check the weather, and control smart home devices while driving.

According to a regulatory filing, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other Apple execs are taking pay cuts due to the company's lousy year. This is the first time the company has missed sales goals since he took over the company as well as the first miss in the past fifteen years.

  •  Lindsey Turrentine and Father Robert Ballecer discuss home automation and voice controlled devices at CES
  •  Sam Machkovech talks Nintendo Switch, Nvidia, and other announcements from CES.

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