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Jan 5th 2017

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Culture of Secrecy

Gorilla Glass, App Store, Dell 8k monitor, Razer Project Valerie
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Guests: Kurt Wagner
Category: News

Apple’s growth in iPhone sales may be slowing, but its app store revenue is doing gangbusters. The company says they paid developers $20 billion dollars throughout the year and even broke records on New Year's Day.

Quartz reports that the US department of Labor is suing Google over disclosure of compensation data and documents. Google could be barred from all federal contracts for not divulging confidential employment information from thousands of employees.

Google announced that it is opening up its Assistant AI to Android TV and beyond.

Nvidia unveiled its new Shield TV streaming box with 4K streaming capability. Additionally, Google Assistant is in the box, facilitated by a remote with a built in microphone. Nvidia also showed off the Nvidia Spot, a hybrid microphone speaker that can extend access to Assistant throughout the home.

Corning showed off a concept car made partially of Gorilla glass. Corning glass is thinner, lighter, and more scratch resistant than the glass that car-makers usually use. The Corning glass dashboard and center console contains fiber optic controls, but it's also flexible which means it's easier to produce.

The resolution wars continue as Dell showed off its new Ultrasharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Monitor at CES, a 31.5” monitor at 7680x4320 resolution with 280 pixels per inch. Expect the monitor to hit store shelves later this year for $4,999.

  • Kurt Wagner from Recode discussed how Facebook's employee culture embraces secrecy of internal projects, effectively keeping leaks from hitting the media.
  • Fr. Robert Ballecer shows off a few of his favorite gadgets from the Pepcom show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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