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Dec 21st 2016

Tech News Today 1666

Going Spotty

Snooper's Charter, encryption backdoors, AirPods
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Guests: Geoffrey Fowler
Category: News

The EU's highest court ruled that indiscriminate collection of citizen emails is illegal. Collection resulting from serious crimes like terrorism would still be justified, according to the ruling. Challenges to the law are expected as a result of the ruling.

A new House Judiciary Encryption Working Group report says weakening encryption with backdoors would be against the national interest. The group says the issue of encryption-forcing criminals to "go dark” is overblown. Many are seeing this as a victory for Apple in their fight with the FBI that began back in February of this year.

Twitter CTO Adam Messinger joins the ever growing list of executives to leave the company this year. Also departing is VP of Product Josh McFarland, who announced he’s joining venture capital firm Greylock Partners.

TechCrunch says Uber is on course to lose nearly 3 billion dollars in 2016, despite explosive revenue growth and the sale of its chinese market. The ride-hailing service has not gone public yet, and with a 68 billion dollar valuation, it's currently the world’s most valuable private company.

The White House released a report about artificial intelligence concluding that millions of jobs occupied by lower-skilled workers will be replaced by AI leading to a widening divide in socioeconomic classes, yet will ultimately lead to a better economy with more efficient production of goods, higher average wages and fewer hours for workers.

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