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Dec 13th 2016

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Waymo Serious

Phishing Podesta, Oculus restructuring, Apple AirPods, Waymo, Cortana
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Guests: Mike Murphy
Category: News

The New York Times says that Russian Hackers gained access to the emails of DNC campaign chairman John Podesta as a result of a typo, when a phishing email was passed along claiming it was "legitimate" and not "illegitimate." Podesta clicked on the link in the phishing email and the rest is history.

Oculus CEO Brendan EE-REEB is stepping down to lead the newly revitalized PC group, while head of software Jon Thomason will lead the new mobile division. Both will work alongside Mike Schroepfer, CTO of Facebook, to ultimately select a new CEO for the company.

Apple's AirPods are finally on sale for $159, though you won't get them by Christmas because they're already back-ordered to at least 4 weeks. But an official press release says they'll arrive in stores next week.

Google is formalizing its efforts with the Internet of Things by rebranding its Brillo IoT platform as Android Things. Developers can get going with the SDK preview along with supported developer kits that include the Raspberry Pi 3, the Intel Edison, and the NXP Pico.

Microsoft is bringing Cortana to all the devices in your home with the 2017 Creators Update. Talk to your smart fridge, your internet connect lights, your wired toothbrush, and even a newly announced Harmon Kardon voice activated speaker early next year.

  • Mike Murphy from Quartz discusses Google's announcement that its autonomous car project has graduated to its own Alphabet entity called Waymo.

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