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Dec 12th 2016

Tech News Today 1659

Move Fast & Break Real Things

Netgear vulnerability, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Bluetooth 5, Instagram
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Guests: Nate Cardozo
Category: News

A researcher publicly disclosed information about a vulnerability on a number of Netgear routers that could result in the router being taken over in ways that allow them to spy on traffic and launch other attacks. After disclosing the vulnerability to Netgear in August with no response, the researcher decided to take it public so owners can screen their hardware for the vulnerability.

Bill Gates and other billionaires just launched a 1 billion dollar investment fund to back high tech clean energy innovation. The 20-year fund is called Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and is backed by big names in tech including Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff and Jack Ma from Alibaba.

Bluetooth 5 launched today and once the standard begins to hit devices sometime in the next 12 months, users will notice speed improvements of up 2 times faster and up to 4 times the distance of previous versions.

Instagram is rolling out live video on its app over the next few weeks that will let users tap a button and stream video straight from their phone, as well as scan the app to watch live streams. However, once a stream is no longer live, it can't be replayed later.

Microsoft says its new Surface lineup is seeing record sales through the month of November with consumers saying they were disappointed with Apple’s new lineup of MacBook Pro’s. Microsoft says it's seeing more switchers from Apple hardware than ever before.

  • Nate Cardozo from the EFF discusses Uber's ongoing user privacy issue surrounding its God View app, which reportedly resulted in employees tracking celebrities and exxes.

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