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Dec 1st 2016

Tech News Today 1652

One Mod at a Time

FitBit and Pebble, Nokia on Android, Apple Maps and drones
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Sources at The Information say that troubled smart watch maker Pebble might soon be acquired by FitBit for somewhere between 34 and 40 million dollars.

Shakil Barkat, head of global product development for Motorola, says that Lenovo Motorola isn’t planning on releasing a new Motorola 360 smartwatch anytime soon.

A differentiator of the Moto Z line of smartphones is the ability to snap add-ons called Moto Mods to the phone, bringing new functionality to the phone. Motorola says there might be a Project Tango module soon.

The Verge says to expect new Nokia headsets in 2017, and they'll be running Android.

Mark Gurman and Alan Levin at Bloomberg have the scoop that Apple is assembling a robotics and data analysis team to utilize drones for outdoor mapping.

App and stuff search engine Product Hunt was just acquired by AngelList a company dedicated to helping startups with fundraising and recruiting.

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