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Nov 21st 2016

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Oracle's Dyn acquisition, Instagram Live, Munchery struggles
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Guests: Eric Newcomer
Category: News

Oracle just announced that it has acquired DNS provider Dyn for a reported sum of over $600 million dollars, according to Fortune. Dyn, you might remember, is the internet traffic company that suffered the massive distributed denial of service attack in October that brought down a large part of the Internet.

Sources to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg are saying that Apple has given up on its wireless router business as it aims to refocus on its biggest revenue drivers. Its AirPort series of routers saw regular upgrades in years past but hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Apple says they'll replace the faulty battery in your iPhone 6s, or at least some of them. Apple will replace models manufactured between September and October of last year that suddenly quit without warning, when they should have had enough battery to last several more hours.

Amazon is working hard to make its video offerings more appealing to Prime subscribers. The Wall Street Journal says that the company is pursuing deals to get major live sporting events on the service, with talks underway with the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Instagram is launching a few new features today in what the company's director of product calls "A pivot." Talking to TechCrunch, the Instagram rep said the company wants to be part of all your moments, not just your highlights.

  • Eric Newcomer from Bloomberg discusses the many challenges of food delivery startups online, and Munchery's transition to a new CEO.

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