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Nov 15th 2016

Tech News Today 1642

The Good Kind of Cuckoo

Apple smart glasses, Chinese spyware
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Microsoft is partnering with Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Y Combinator founder Sam Altman, all who run the nonprofit OpenAI. The organization, which was founded earlier this year, is on a mission to protect humanity from our robot overlords by making them be our slaves, and not the other way around. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says that, behind closed doors, Apple is working on some smart spectacles of their own. Apple's glasses will wirelessly connect to your smartphone, and may not come out until 2018, if at all. Google released a new standalone app for Android and iOS called PhotoScan. The app is designed to help users take those polaroids and printed photos taking up space in the attic, and digitize them with the smartphone camera, while removing things like glare and reflection. Security research firm Kryptowire has discovered pre-installed spyware on 120,000 Android phones that slurps up personally identifiable information, including text messages, contacts, IP addresses, and more. What's worse is that all of that information gets sent to a Chinese company called Adups. Also, Wifi is more important than sex.

  •  Mikey Campbell, Senior Editor at Apple Insider, talks about the Phantom 4 Pro and the other newest UAV's from DJI.
  •  Katie Benner, Reporter at The New York Times, tells us about Twitter's new anti-harrassment tools, and whether they're enough to stem the tide of hate on the social network.

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