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Nov 10th 2016

Tech News Today 1639

Everybody's Got Their Thing For Their Face

Spectacles, DayDream VR, MacBook teardown
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Facebook VP of product management Adam Mosseri told TechCrunch that he takes gaming of the system seriously, and is investigating ways to better detect misinformation.

President Elect Donald Trump appears to be good for the stock market as a whole, but not so good for tech stocks.

If you're having trouble seeing the world thru rose-colored glasses, you're in luck. You can now buy Spectacles from the newly renamed Snap, makers of Snapchat. The Spectacles are making an auspicious debut in giant yellow vending machines called Snapbots.

The Oculus Rift is getting some important updates, the first of which will improve the fluidity of animations running at half the normal frame rate, a feature called Asynchronous Spacewarp that was first announced last month at Oculus Connect.

Google now defends its open source OS by comparing it against Apple and Microsoft, showing how on each of those mobile platforms, the majority of pre-installed apps and services are provided by the company behind the hardware.

And Yellow Jacket is a smartphone case that doubles as a stun gun.

  •  Nathan Olivares-Giles from the Wall Street Journal reviews the $79 DayDream mobile VR headset with a controller.
  • Kyle Wiens from iFixit tells us how easy it is to repair the new MacBook Pros.

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