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Oct 28th 2016

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Questions Mark End of Comma Period

Another dress tears apart the Internet
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Quartz says that George Hotz, founder of a company that makes after-market self-driving car products, is cancelling its first official device, the Comma One. The Federal Communications Commission released a major ruling yesterday aimed at protecting broadband users from the selling of their personalized data by internet providers for purposes of targeted advertising. The rules prohibit the sharing of app and browsing histories, location data, health data, financial information, Social Security numbers, and the content of emails with third parties that don’t explicitly sell communications services. Julia Angwin at ProPublica is shaping up to be Facebook's Bob Woodward. Today the tireless reporter posted a piece about how Facebook allows companies to target their advertisements based on race, either including or excluding users based on what Facebook calls their "ethnic affinity." In the wake of the announcement of brand new MacBook Pros, AMD tells us a little bit about what's inside. Plus, Megan Morrone shows off a personal meditation device that she found at PepCom, and Jason Howell wants a dress that changes colors with an iPad app.

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