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Oct 25th 2016

Tech News Today 1627


A black hole for lightning cables
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Apple reported fourth quarter earnings today; Their stock is down for the year. And for the third quarter in a row, iPhone sales were down from this time last year. In case you're counting, that's 45.5 million iPhones sold, compared to last year's 48.05 million. So still, a giant pile of iPhones. Ahead of this Thursday’s expected Apple reveal of a number of Mac upgrades, yesterday’s MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 software update contained some hidden images of its upcoming Macbook Pro refresh, showing official images of the OLED touch panel that sits above the number row on the keyboard. Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet says Microsoft is open-sourcing its contribution to the growing field of deep-learning. Cognitive Toolkit, still in beta, allows developers to make use of deep-learning techniques in their apps and services. And finally, Uber's self-driving beer.

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