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Oct 21st 2016

Tech News Today 1625

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Who Broke the Internet?
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It's time to patch your Linux box, and if you have any Linux lovers in your life, it is time to tell them to do the same. Ars Technica reports that a flaw in the OS could allow an unprivileged local user to gain write access to otherwise read-only memory mappings, thereby increasing their privileges on the system. Julia Angwin at ProPublica says that sometime this summer, Google changed verbiage in their terms of service that could affect your privacy. Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics lifted the recommended ban on screens for children under two years old. Facebook says it plans to work with partners and community to overhaul community standards and include posts that contain nudity, yet are newsworthy. And the website UniqueFind has a Halloween costume not for you, but for your iPhone.

  • Nicole Lee from Engadget discusses the DDoS attack on Dyn.
  • Bryan Clark from The Next Web talks about a new study that says millennials fall for more scams than seniors. Also, Samsung is trying to use DMCA takedowns to remove videos that include GTA mods of people using the Galaxy Note 7 as a bomb. And finally, do you have a good iPhone 7, or one that sucks? Bryan will tell you.

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