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Oct 10th 2016

Tech News Today 1616

The Note 7 Fire Sale

UK Sends Trolls to Jail
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Jason Howell and Megan Morrone talk about Samsung, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook at Work. Samsung says it will stop all sales of its Galaxy Note 7 and asks all carriers and other sellers to do the same. Yahoo has been under the microscope lately, with report after negative report rolling in showing the insecurity of the service. Now some users are reporting that Yahoo is making it difficult for users to leave its free email service. Apple and Samsung are headed to the Supreme Court to decide once and for all exactly what a design patent is worth. Tomorrow (Tuesday October 11th) marks the day that the two giants will argue just how much of the 399 million dollar patent infringement suit Samsung will have to pay for copying Apple's design. All it takes is a weekend to take the wind out of Twitter’s buyout sails. We heard late last week that Google and Disney were not interested in making a bid after all, and that took a hit on Twitter’s stock value today with a 14% drop as a result. Salesforce is actively re-evaluating its interest based on the volatility of the stock, while reportedly considering a low ball bid based on the lack of bidders and poor stock performance. Ultimately, it looks as if Twitter might have to ride the ship alone after all. Ars Technica reports that new guidelines in the UK will seek harsher punishments for certain kinds of online trolling, including doxxing, virtual mobbing, nasty images, fake social media profiles, and more. Finally, a new company wants to replace the parking boot with a Barnacle.

  • Jim Dalrymple from Loop Insight talks about Apple's issues with the developer of a Mac app called Dash. On his blog, Kapeli says his app was removed with no warning. Apple says it's been working with the developer who has posted nearly 1,000 fraudulent reviews across two accounts and 25 apps.
  • Kelly Flynn from Mashable talks about Facebook's new Workplace. Facebook already has more than 1.6 billion normal users, and now it wants business users too. Today is the official launch of Workplace, known during its beta as Facebook for Work. We discuss what you can and can't do with Workplace, and what companies might do with the data they collect from employees who use the service.

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