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Oct 5th 2016

Tech News Today 1613

Samsung Hot Pockets

Playstation VR demo
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Amazon’s Prime service continues to add features for its users, and the latest perk is the newly announced Prime Reading feature, which gives subscribers access to “over a thousand” books, comics and magazines. Oliver Stone, don't rule out a sequel to Snowden just yet. The Washington Post reports that back in August the FBI secretly arrested an NSA contractor after finding classified materials in the defendant's home and car. We have the PlayStation VR, and Megan says playing it changed her life a little. Jordan Golsen from The Verge talked to the guy whose new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started smoking in his pocket on a plane, and it was supposed to be one of the safe ones. Breaking news! Samsung bought Viv, the AI from the creators of Siri. Google says it does not want to buy Twitter, so stop saying that it is. Plus we discuss the future of electric helicopters.

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