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Oct 3rd 2016

Tech News Today 1611

Uber Moves to the Burbs

Commuter town subsidizes Uber rides
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Guests: Priya Anand
Category: News

Tonight Jason Howell, Becky Worley and Megan Morrone talk about Facebook's Marketplace, a way to let users buy and sell their stuff on Facebook. It's coming immediately to the US, the UK Australia, and New Zealand. You'll be able to access it on iOS and Android. We also chat about a change to Amazon's review policy. Incentivized reviews are no longer allowed, except in the Amazon Vine Program, and with books. Later, we explore what's new in cyber-psychiatry, and how one Google-backed company wants to make it easier for people to get mental health care. Plus, we mourn the loss of the headphone jack and the Microsoft Band. Jason offers a preview of Google's announcements tomorrow. Then, Priya Anand, Transportation Reporter at BuzzFeed News, explains a new program in New Jersey to subsidize commuters' Uber rides to the train station in order to help with the last mile program. Finally, Becky takes a deep dive into what, if anything, consumers can do to keep from becoming part of an IoT bot.

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