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Aug 16th 2016

Tech News Today 1578

Dude, Where's My Steering Wheel?

Duo need another video calling app?
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Goodbye PC, Alloy Virtual Reality. That's sort of half a pun for Alloy, the new mixed reality headset that Intel showed off at what might be one of their most important developer's conferences in as long as many of us can remember. Project Alloy is a new virtual reality reference design that requires no computer or smartphone to run it. Intel also announced the new Joule maker board, used for robotic pandas, bartenders, motorcyclists, and more. Yesterday, we talked to Iain Thomson about a possible hack of The Equation Group, which is part of the NSA. An outfit calling themselves The Shadow Brokers is attempting to auction off a digital arsenal of data they claim comes from the NSA hack. There were two encrypted files and the group provided the password to the first as proof. Iain said experts were still examining the data to determine if it was both real and not available anywhere else. Today, many of those security experts are saying that they believe the data is real AND previously unpublished. Plus, a new app called iNaturalist, self-driving cars by 2021, and China using quantum physics in space.

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