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Aug 9th 2016

Tech News Today 1573

Smells Like Neural Nets

Your smart lock is dumb
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Iain Thomson
Category: News

Intel gets into the deep learning game. Delta's tech is old. Twitter announced that it will be opening up its Moments feature, first to a group of new partners and brands, and eventually to anyone in the coming months. Facebook wants to block your ad blockers. Today, Google announced it will remove Flash from the Chrome browser by default starting in September, and completely phasing it out by December. Chrome will opt for HTML5 in its place. Plus, the news from DefCon just keeps giving us trust issues. Last year it was the hacks of smart cars, and this year its the hacks of smart locks. Two presentations at this year's security conference say that smart locks might be the dumbest things we're trusting these days. Finally, magic glasses that will only let you see your smart phone.


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