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Apr 5th 2016

Tech News Today 1485

Encryption for All

WhatsApp encryption for all
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Category: News

Tonight we talk to Will Oremus about Twitter's deal with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday night football games. What will they stream next? We also discuss WhatsApp end-to-end encryption, how Facebook's object recognition is helping blind users see all those photos in their newsfeed, and PayPal's stand against House Bill 2 in North Carolina. Then, Adi Robertson from the Verge joins us to discuss her experience with the new HTC Vive virtual reality device. Robertson spent time first with the HTC Vive Pre dev kit, and now with the consumer version that officially launched today to the public. She compares the Vive to the Occulus Rift and answers the question - "is it worth $800?" Finally, we discuss Tesla in Texas and Google's newest self-driving car report.

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