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Mar 11th 2016

Tech News Today 1468

Moore's Law Is Napping

The app store of is full of popular garbage.
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On today's episode our old friend David Spark is here to talk about the day's tech news. First, a startup that began with dreams of you strapping a giant $10,000 sensor filled bar to the top of your car in order to make it self-driving, has just been purchased by GM for over 1 billion dollars, according to Re/Code. Next, we delve into the brewing battle over wages for workers in the so-called "sharing economy." The Wall Street Journal says that Instacart has just cut the pay of employees by 63 percent, from $4 per trip to $1.50 per trip. We also talked to Sean Hollister from CNET about Snapchat's possible VR project based on recent hiring practices. And finally we spoke to Rene Ritchie about the problems with the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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