Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Dec 5th 2023

Security Now 951

Revisiting Browser Trust

ICANN RDRS, Beeper Mini, TikTok ban, .meme TLD

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Category: Help & How To
  • How masked domain owners can be unmasked through ICANN's new Registration Data Request Service (RDRS)
  • WhatsApp's addition of Secret Code for extra privacy protection in Chat Lock
  • Iranian hackers exploited default passwords in programmable logic controllers at US water facilities
  • Attempt by Montana to ban TikTok statewide was stalled by a federal judge ruling
  • Over 1 billion Android devices now have RCS messaging enabled
  • EU Cyber Resilience Act will improve security of Internet of Things devices sold in the EU
  • Black Basta ransomware group has netted over $107 million since early 2022
  • Google's new .meme top-level domain allowing meme-related web properties
  • CISA’s Secure by Design initiative echoes security best practices frequently recommended on the podcast
  • France plans to ban use of “foreign” end-to-end encrypted messaging apps like Telegram and require use of French app Olvid instead
  • Concerns raised by industry experts Ivan Ristic and Ryan Hurst about EU's eIDAS 2.0 legislation undermining certificate authority trust

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