Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

May 7th 2019

Security Now 713

Post-Coinhive Cryptojacking

Post-Coinhive Cryptojacking

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Category: Help & How To

This Week's Stories

  • The continuing and changing world of cryptojacking after Coinhive closed their doors last month.
  • Google's announcement of self-expiring data retention
  • The mess arising from Mozilla's intermediate certificate expiration
  • Another wrinkle in the exploit marketplace
  • Mozilla's announcement about deliberate code obfuscation
  • A hacker who hacked at least 29 other botnet hackers
  • A warning about a very popular D-Link netcam
  • Who's paying and who's receiving bug bounties by country
  • Another User-Agent gotcha with Google Docs
  • A problem with Google Earth on the new Chromium-Edge browser
  • A bit more about Edge's future just dropped at the start of Microsoft's Build 2019 conference. 

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