Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson- Security Now

Nov 20th 2018

Security Now 690

Are Passwords Immortal?

Pwn2Own, the Future of Passwords.
Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.
Category: Help & How To
  • All the action at last week's Pwn2Own Mobile hacking contest
  • The final word on processor mis-design in the Meltdown/Spectre era
  • A workable solution for unsupported Intel firmware upgrades for hostile environments
  • A forthcoming Firefox breach alert feature
  • The expected takeover of exposed Docker-offering servershe recently announced successor to recently ratified HTTP/2
  • errata
  • The future of passwords: a thoughtful article written by Troy Hunt, the creator of the popular "Have I Been Pwned" web service

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