Security Now

Jun 6th 2017

Security Now 615

Legacy's Long Tail

OneLogin Breach, Hacking Submarines
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Category: Help & How To

This week we discuss an embarrassing high-profile breach of an online identity company, an over-hyped problem found in Linux's sudo command, the frightening software used by the UK's Trident nuclear missile submarine launch platforms, how emerging nations prevent high school test cheating, another lesson about the danger of SMS authentication codes, another worrisome SHODAN search result, high-penetration dangerous adware from a Chinese marketer, another "that's not a bug" bug in Chrome allowing websites to surreptitiously record audio and video without the user's knowledge, the foreseeable evolution of hybrid crypto-malware, the limp return of Google Contributor, Google continues to work on end-to-end eMail encryption, a follow-up on straight-to-voicemail policy, “Homomorphic Encryption” (what the heck is that?), and "closing the loop" follow up from recent discussions.

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