Jan 9th 2013

OMGcraft 20

Snapshot 13w01a and 2013 Predictions

On this episode of OMGcraft, CHAD IS BACK! We go over the cool new features in the latest snapshot and get creative with some new year predictions!
Although the show is no longer in production at TWiT, you can enjoy these episodes from the TWiT Archives and find Chad's new episodes on YouTube.


Between the two episodes Minecraft 1.4.7 and Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.3 were released. They are 100% compatible with eachother (1.4.7 clients can play on 1.4.6 servers and vice-versa, craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.3 has fixed 1.4.7 bugs) Snapshot 13w01a / 13w01b

2013 Predictions!

  1. New Mob
  2. Something crazy Vechs will do
  3. Generic new feature

Ending Video