The New Screen Savers with Leo Laporte

Oct 29th 2016

The New Screen Savers 77

Election Security: Could It Be 'Rigged?'

Voting vulnerabilities, Lionfish killing robot, VR that makes you scream!

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To

Can elections be "rigged?" Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone talk with the president of about the technology behind elections and the security of our votes. Lionfish are an invasive species taking over reefs all over the world. The folks at RISE (Robots in Service of the Environment) are building a robot to shock and trap these fish for food. Megan takes us to Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular with some new tech gadgets for the holidays. We scared the pants off of our staff with a scary Sony PlayStation VR game "Here They Lie".

  • Both Pamela Smith, the President of and David Dill, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and Founder of talk to us about the vulnerability of voting machines and what should voters know.
  • The company behind iRobot wants to create an army of underwater robots that shock and harvest Lionfish for food.

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