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Mar 19th 2014

Know How... 85

Feedback and Mobile Podcasting Rig

We answer questions from our Google Plus Community, and build a mobile Podcasting Rig.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
We answer questions from our Google Plus Community, and build a mobile Podcasting Rig. Check out our transcripts.

Google+ Feedback

Bill McVicker - A Know-It-All who needs an easier-to-use touchpad - Bamboo Touchpad, sells on Amazon for about $45 James Harrison - Wants to incorporate LED lights into his PC - Yellow is the 12volt rail Mark Rouleau - Watched our "Dancing LEDs" segment and wants to know how we can hear music if the plug is connected to the speakers - Recommend a Headphone Amp with multiple outputs - You can buy these for $10-$100 - Choose which one you want! Andy Arkusinski - What's the difference between Hardware and Software RAID? Joseph Sacco - Wants to upgrade his Mac with a SSD, wondering about the types of SATA and if they are backwards compatible. - SATA = "Serial ATA" - The bus that connects your computer to its mass storage devices like hard drives, SSDs and optical drives - SATA Revision 1 = 1.5 Gbps - SATA Revision 2 = 3 Gbps - SATA Revision 3 = 6 Gbps - SATA Revision 3.2 = 16Gbps - Aside from speed, SATA Revision 3.1 and up integrated support for PCI Express connected SSD drives and Native TRIM queueing for SSD drives. - Revision 3.2 is really designed for embedded SATA devices - The important point is that 3.0 and down are all backwards compatible Christi Istrate - I've got the WD RED NAS HD, should I put it into sleep mode? Rob Ghigliotti - Needs a $500 laptop that will do photoshop, corel and some video editing. Would also like a touchscreen. - Inspiron 15 Touch (i3 CPU, 15" LCD, 4GB, 500GB, Touch Enabled) - Acer V3-571-6492 (i5, 17.3" 4GB, 500GB, No Touch) ($500) Adrian Bazan - What's the best hard drive for professional video? - Western Digital Black - Seagate Barracuda Lee Roche - He has a 2006 Mac Mini and wants to know what to do with it. - Turn it into a Mac Mini MAME machine! Simon Zerafa - Wants to know if we've done a segment on Basic Soldering Techniques. - Yes we have... in episode 7 -- but we'll also tease the Smitty segment Michael Dombrowski - Made his own Time-Lapse device out of a Telescope mount.

Mobile Podcasting Rig + Field Audio

MXL's Mobile Media Videographers Essentials Kit - MXL MM-VE001 Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder - Zoom H4N The Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lav Mic -AudioTechnica ATR3350 Sennheiser EW 100 Wireless Microphones - Sennheiser EW100 The Heil PR-35 Stick Mic - Heil PR-35 The Audio Technica ATR898 Lav Mic - AudioTechnica ATR898

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