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May 17th 2018

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Synology Madness - Part II

Create a Network Video Recorder.
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In the last "Synology Madness", Jason Howell and Padre showed you how to access your Synology NAS from anywhere in the world. This week they're building on that foundation by showing you how to create your own Network Video Recorder with your Synology NAS and a few network cameras!

We also get a "First Look" at Netgear's newest gaming-themed devices AND a tease for Synology Madness III: Plex and your Media!

* Sony IMX322 1080P (30fps) Sensor
* WiFi + Ethernet
* 90 degree viewing angle
* PT + Digital Zoom
* IR mode (32")
There are many reasons why you don't want your network cams on your local network
1. Security: They are IoT devices (kinda) -- You probably shouldn't trust them
2. Performance: 10 cameras sending 1Mbps streams to a NAS will load down a switch
3. Maintenence: Easier to configure your network cameras if they have their own network
So we're going to dual-home our NAS (Synology 1517+)
* Obviously, you need a NAS with multiple Ethernet ports to do this.
* Control Panel
* Network
* Network Interface
* Select your desired interface and click "edit"
Install "Surveillance Station"
* Package Center
* Search for "Surveillance Station"
* Install
** Enable Customized HTTPS Port **
-- Be sure to write this down
-- In my case:
** This allows you to access the Surveillance Station without having to log into DSM first
* Apply
Add a camera to "Surveillance Station"
* Click "IP Camera"
* Click "add"
- KnowCam
-- Port 80
-- IP2M-841B
* Test connection
Change the Resolution Settings
* Double Click the "Stream" Field
* Click the "Video Tab"
- You can choose your resolution, frame rate, bitrate and image quality
Change "Patrol" Settings
* Click "PTZ Control" under "Applications"
* Click the "+" icon
* Name the Position
* Position the Camera
* Click Save
** Repeat for all positions
* Click "Patrol" tab
* Click the "+" icon
* Name the Patrol Pattern
* Add your desired presets to the "Included Presets" field
* Click "Save"
** Preview the Patrol!
Setup Recording Rotation
* Click on "Recording"
* Click on "Advanced"
* You can now set WHEN older recordings will be deleted to make room.
* 802.11AC (Dual Band / Dual Radio) - Supports MU-MIMO Quad Stream 160MHz
* 4 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
* Gigabit WAN Port
* Dual Core 1.7Ghz Processor
* 2 x USB 3.0 ports (Multifunction)
* QoS
* Network Monitoring
* Dedicated LED switch
But the BIG advantage... is what they call "Geo Filter"
* Using IP address and ping times, you can exclude certain regions and types of connections from your gaming server
* This means you can specify WHICH players can join your gaming session.
* 10 Ports: 8 x 1GBe, 2 x 10GBe
* Per-Port Usage information
* QoS and port/device blocking
* Customizable LEDs

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