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Feb 22nd 2018

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Switch How - Part II

Using Google Auto, Google Photos as Killer App, iOS Animojis, iPhone is too perfect
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It's the last week of the iOS/Android switch and we've got Jason and Megan back on the show to give us their final thoughts about living 6 weeks in enemy territory! What does Jason like about iOS? What does Megan want Apple to copy from Google? Are they ready to swap back to their own devices? -- It's all happening this week on "Know How"!
TWiT Switch - Megan on Android:
Squeeze to Assistant - I like the quick access and Assistant is definitely better than Siri, but I didn't have actual conversations with the assistant as I always imagined I would if I had better access to it on iOS.
Android Auto - Like last year I enjoyed using Android Auto, an app that turns on automatically when your car connects to Bluetooth. But unlike last year, iOS didn't include the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature that I use regularly. Android Auto lets you get away with a lot more and actually alerts you when you get a text message, which isn't a good idea for someone like me who feels like she needs to see who texted her. Android Auto doesn't seem to have many updates since last year and I forgot about it, unlike Do Not Disturb While Driving, which turns on automatically.
Reply app -offers smart replies to all of your messaging apps. Works with messages, Twitter, other email programs, etc.
Jason Howell on iOS:
Apps I particularly liked...
Activity and Health apps (quantified self... I really appreciate how Apple lays it out, the level of detail, and I like the rings!)
Clock (hated at first, then discovered the Bedtime feature which I'm really digging... How much sleep do you need? Then it does the work for you including what time you should go to bed... soothing alarm in the morning, sleep analysis)
Audible (This is a sponsor, but I like the layout of the iOS app better than on Android. The shopping aspect isn't a glorified web browser, it's more native on iOS and looks much better)
Evernote (audio recordings sound crystal clear, far better than they ever sound on Android)
LastPass (Face ID integration is really really nice)
Apps I have not liked as much...
Anything Chromecast (Apple hates Chromecast, or Chromecast hates Apple... not sure which)
Google app (Just that its less integrated on iOS than Android obv. 2-factor auth, for example, takes more effort on iOS than on Android)
Drive (Scan functionality is missing and I use that ALL the time)
LastPass (copying ID/PW into apps is more laborious than on Android, particular now that Autofill is implemented deeper in Oreo)
Apps that are nearly identical in every necessary way...
Inbox, Twitter, Allo, etc
DND while driving
Padre's super-awesome, mega-mega cool stuff!
What you get in the box:
* ROVA Drone
* 2 x 2s (7.4v) 1200mAh battery
* USB Charger
* Carrying Case
* 16GB SD Card
What is it?
* a phone-controlled drone (iOS or Android)
* Connects via WiFi (Password 00000000)
* 8 Minutes of flight
* Forward-Facing Camera + Downward facing camera (12MP/5MP)

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