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Jan 25th 2018

Know How... 366

Cable Management (Burke in a Box!)

Practical products for organizing your tangle of cables.
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Are you tired of the rat's nest of cables under, over and through your desk, nightstand, and counter? Well so are we! In this cableriffic episode of Know How, Padre & Megan Morrone show you some practical products for organizing your tangle of cables... Then we show you how Burke would handle it! Add in some of Megan's favorite speakers from CES 2018, and you've got a fun-for-the-whole-family episode of Know How! (And Burke in a Box)

Megan's Cable Cubby hole!

Padre's Cable Managment Mess!

First, get yourself some braided cables!

(Fancer) 10-pack of 3' USB-C Cables

  • 3 feet
  • Nylon Braided

(Unisame) 6-pack of 6' USB-C Cables

  • 6 feet
  • Nylon Braided

You're also going to need a good charger

Anker Premium 60W Wall Charger

  • 5 Ports (4 x USB, 1 x USB-C)
  • Can deliver 60W

Anker 60W 10-port USB Wall Charger

  • 10 Ports
  • 60 Watts

The KH CabMan!

  1. Anker Premium 60W Wall Charger
  2. M3 Hex Nut Set (Need 4x28mm Screws, 4xNuts, 2x12mm Screws
  3. STL Files can be found at the link below:

Here's the Tinkercad page so you can edit it yourself!

Some Stuff from CES

Dumb Speakers from x-mini because sometimes you don't want your Bluetooth speaker to listen to your living room.

X-Mini Supa

  • Oldschool design with one button.
  • Pair with your phone or use an Aux cable or the MicroSD card reader in the back.
  • 10W speakers.
  • pre-set EQ (on the back)
    • Pros - Sound, Design
    • Cons - Weight, a little hard to adjust the volume.

X-Mini Infiniti

  • Great sound for different places in your living room, at a price.
  • Four speakers and a sub-woofer.
  • 360 degree sound.
  • If you like the design of the Amazon Echo, you'll like this.
  • X-Mini announced several new products at CES that will come out in June.
  • X-mini INFINITI S will offer 3D surround sound and a removable leather carry strap
  • X-mini EVOLVE 2 is the second-generation wireless hybrid speaker headphones with aptX technology for improved audio and video synchronization over Bluetooth
  • Waterproof speakers

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