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Nov 24th 2017

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2017 Gift Guide: Makers!

Gifts that makers want, and possibly didn't know they needed!

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This week Fr. Robert Ballecer and Patrick Delahanty have a gift guide for Makers!

Zeny 3in1 Soldering Station

  • Digital Soldering Iron
  • Hot Air Rework Gun
  • DC Power Supply
  • Voltmeter

And all the stuff you need to assist...

Hakko Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Hakko Wire Cutter

Eclipse Tools Wire Stripper

Helping Hands

  • Any numbers of arms, clips & Magnifying glasses

Vacnite Helping Hands

  • 4 completely adjustable arms/clips
  • Magnifying glass on articulated arm w/LED light

Don't forget the Heat Shrink Tubing!

Desoldering Wick & Solder Sucker

Soldering Paste

Desoldering Tutorial

  1. Flux and flow the wick
  2. Apply heat to joint THROUGH the wick
Rud Dog:
"Suggestions for a small 12VDC in 3.3V out for current project? Looking at this one but can't help thinking wasted power in the form of heat?"
  • 5v to 23v -- step down to 1v to 17v (but can only step DOWN, not up)
  • Adjustable with the onboard potentiometer
  • 3Amp Max (I only trust it to 1Amp)
  • No heat problem. It doesn't "dump" power... it switches on and off using "synchronous rectification"
    • Instead of diodes, uses transistors to do the switching
    • Reduces voltage, but increases current
  • MUCH more efficient than a linear regulator (they dissipate extra power as heat)

iFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit

Porter-Cable Heat Gun ($20)

  • 1.6 Amp motor // 7ft Cord
  • 5,000-35,000 rpm
  • 2-year warranty
  • The Platinum Edition comes with:
    • 77 Tools
    • Carrying Case
** Sells as low as $66 with 36 tools
** The big sell is the keyless chuck
-- No more working your fingers to remove the tool!

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