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Oct 5th 2017

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Control Freaks!

Taking control of household devices, IOT devices and photos!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
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Device Parental Controls
Check what apps they've been using and how long in Settings

OurPact - Install on your kid's devices
- requires you to turn on remote management
- I wish this were part of the OS
- Block Internet and Apps, time limits, schedule or manual block and allow

Family Link iOS app, if your kids use Android devices
- set ground rules-- allow certain apps & websites
- See the apps kids use and for how long
- Lock devices on demand

Make a family device Gas Station instead of a Parking Lot
I like the Fuel Box boost pack - They are sending all of their products to first responders. (new orders won't be shipped until Late November)

Synology RT2600AC Gigabit Router
* Quad-Core Qualcomm IPQ8065 1.7Ghz Processor (Faster than the Broadcom 1Ghz in the RT1900AC)
* 512MB DDR3 System Memory 4GB Flash (x2 the RT1900AC)
* 1 x Gigabit WAN port
* 4 x Gigabit LAN Ports (1 can be reassigned to be a secondary WAN port)
* 1 x USB 3.0 Port
* 1 x USB 2.0 Port
* 1 x SD Card Reader (SDXC + SDHC)
* 4 x 4 MIMO Antenna Array

Wireless Specs
* 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
* DUAL (and simultaneous) radios (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)
* Max 2.4 Throughput: 800Mbps
* Max 5 Throughput: 1.73Gbps (2 x 2 Wave 2)
* Beamforming

Notable OS Features:
* Bandwidth Monitoring
* QoS + Quotas + Access Rules (time/type of connection, etc.)
* Runs Synology SRM, so plenty of plugins (VPN, Media Center, Radius Server)

** Most importantly -- The RT2600 gives you the option of securing the internet access of certain devices!

Practical Tips
1. Buy an Alarm Clock (So you have your phone INSIDE the bedroom)
2. Have the charging station for mobile devices in one central place (not in a bedroom) - ohDoctah Tip
3. Get your kids used to "paying" for their phone. (With exercise, housework, etc.) - ohDoctah

Taking Control of IOT
HomeKit - More and more stuff is HomeKit enabled, but not everything.
Ikea said their Tradfir lights were compatible with HomeKit, but they're not. 
- Tradfir Dimming Kit
- They're basically a light with a switch you can operate from across the room

Home App - Rename Devices
You can make anything that plugs in HomeKit compatible with a smart plug
- Koogeek Smart Plug
- Now turn your Ikea light off and on with the Home App

Ecobee smart home thermostat with Alexa and HomeKit compatibility

Control remotely with an iPad that stays at home or an Apple TV (v3 or higher)

Padre (Amazon/Google)
There are an AMAZING number of devices that can be controlled by Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Here are some of my favorites:
Tan Tan Mini Smart Switch (2-Pack)
* Simple on-off WiFi enabled switch
* Works with iOS and Android ONLY (No computer, iPad, Homekit access)
* Inexpensive. A good way to get into the game.

Oittm Outdoor Switch
* WiFi Enabled
* Weather-Resistand
* Monitors energy usage
* Alexa/Google Home

SYLVANIA Smart Bulbs (2-pack)
* Alexa
* Color and brightness selectable

Taking Control of Your Photos
Google Photos
Apple Photos
The Bolt from Kingston


PhotoSpring Digital PhotoFrame - email photos straight to the frame.
- Double Tap to Turn On
- Double Tap to Turn off
- Drag Down to remove photo from slideshow

MeshCanvas from Printage

Google Photos

First... let's make sure that you're uploading your photos to Google Photos
* Install "Google Photos" (Both Android and iOS)
* In the client: Menu > Settings
* Backup and Sync:
   - Tie it to your Google Account
   - Under "Upload Size" choose High Quality or Original (
     * High quality = Unlimited number of photos
     * Original = Uses up your quota. (15GB is the standard quota. - You can buy more)
   - Choose when it can use your cellular data to back up. (I NEVER back up using cellular)
* Sharing:
    - Choose "Remove geo location"
    - This will strip location from content you SHARE, but still upload it to Google photos for classification
    ** If you don't want ANY location data, go into location services and turn it off.

Enable Face Recognition in Google Photos
* Settings > Group similar faces > Turn on "Face Grouping"
* ALSO... consider turning on "Allow Contacts to recognize your face"
** Give Google Photos a few hours (to a few days) to go through your photos **

Once it has grouped photos:
* Albums > People
* Click on the faces that DON'T have a label, and connect names to faces.

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