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Sep 25th 2017

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Cayenne - Security on the Cheap!

Using a RasPi and Cayenne as a security system.
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Security on the Cheap
- Hector Sotomayor
"I need a security solution. What I'm looking for is this: when someone steps on our porch, some motion sensors will detect them and send me a notification on my phone. Also... it sets off strobe lights to alert anyone passing by and to potentially warn the thief that we know he's on the premise."

Let's break down the requirements

  1. A sensor to detect motion on a porch
  2. A phone notification when motion is detected
  3. A strobe that triggers when motion is detected

We're going to use "Cayenne" by myDevices


  1. RasPi (Any Version)
  2. 5V Power Supply
  3. Relay
  4. Motion Detector

Solution Logic Overview:

  1. The motion sensor is triggered. In turn, it triggers a pin on the RasPi
  2. The RasPi triggers the relay to turn on the electrical load (Strobe)
  3. The RasPi reports the trigger event to myDevices
  4. myDevices sends a text message to the phone

RasPi 2b Pinout

PIR Motion Sensor Schematic


  1. Navigate to ""
  2. Create a new account (or login to your existing account)
  3. Select "Add New" (If the account has been accessed previously)
  4. Select "Raspberry Pi"
  5. Open RasPi terminal
  6. Copy and past the two commands from "Option 2" into the terminal window
  • Once the scripts have finished, "myDevices" is running on that RasPi (This could take up to 20 min)
  • After a reboot, the RasPi will show up in your myDevices Desktop (You need to refresh the browser)

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