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Sep 21st 2017

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iOS 11 Secrets

Turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving to Save Your Life
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iOS 11
- Maria Joseph Laienz Sumpaico
"Know How professionals. I've been watching a long time, even though I don't always understand what you're doing! lol. I know you do a lot of your projects with Windows, Android, and Linux, but I'm a lowly iOS user. I've been hearing that iOS 11 is great and that it will open new functionality to users like me. What's your take and are there any secrets that you can tell me?" 

All Megan! All the Secrets!

Turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving to Save Your Life: Automatically (detects driving movements), Bluetooth (when connected to your car stereo) Manually (don’t do this because the front part of your brain will take over and you will text and drive. 
- you could turn this off, but you have to LIE TO YOUR IPHONE

Add a record screen button to your Control Center

Settings — General — Storage - to review and delete iMessage attachments and offload unused apps

PSA: Control Center icons for WiFi and Bluetooth don’t actually turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. You disconnect from the accessories that you’re connected to, but you can still use your Apple Pencil and your Apple Watch and AirPlay and AirDrop

Hide your notification text. Whether you do a video podcast with your iPhone or iPad or not, sometimes you do not want the world to see the contents of your notification. Now you can hide the text. 

Time Sync
- Tom Krauska
"Padre - I am watching your recent appearance on Security Now and Steve is talking about his audio problems.

What got my attention was that he was also doing an audio recording that for some reason wouldn't sync with the video.

I'm recording a one-woman show video and want to record a separate audio on my Zoom H1, but don't want to have issues syncing.

Can you give me any advice?"

Bad-Ass Quadcopter!
- Ken Jancef
"My first racing quad build was a 'Robocat 270', back in April 2016. I liked it at the time, but the front canopy cracked a few times, and wiring prevented me from putting the side covers on, so I didn't use it much. 

This past May I decided to get a ZMR250 and PDB and transplant the parts over to it from the Robocat. Finally got the time to do it, took me a few weeks, between trimming/soldering wires and faulty voltages on the PDB. Just did a 30-second hover in the basement and I still have all my fingers, so it's a success!!

The Robocat is the yellow one, the ZMR250 is green..."

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