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May 8th 2017

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Resin Casting

Silicon Valley Comic Con, and resin casting for beginners.

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Patrick shows us how to make our own resin castings for cosplay and we discuss the recent Silicon Valley Comic Con. 

Silicon Valley Comic Con

Resin casting

Create a silicone mold

  • Take equal parts of "Component A" and "Component B"
  • Ball them up to make sure the balls are about the same size
  • Mix them together so there are no swirls (about 1 minute)
  • Roll it into a ball and then flatten slightly.  Press object into putty.
  • Allow sitting for 25 minutes before removing the object.
  • Allow for additional curing time if possible.  A hair dryer can be used to accelerate curing.

Pour the resin

  • Pour equal amounts of "A" and "B" into separate plastic cups
  • Pour them together into a mixing cup slowly until no swirls are seen.
  • Pour slowly into mold and allow the resin to flow naturally
  • Allow curing for 18-24 hours

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