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Apr 20th 2017

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Let's Solder! Steampunk Goggles Rev. 2

Part 1 of building your own Steampunk Goggles revision 2.
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We go back to the beloved Steampunk Goggle project that Padre has made improvements for, this episode we sit down and begin soldering the components needed for this project.


Vintage Steampunk Goggles    ~$8  
Triple Lens Loupe    ~$7    
Steampunk Gears    ~$7    
16 LED WS2812 Ring ($4 x2)    ~$8    
Arduino Nano    ~$3    
10k Rotary Potentiometer (Pack of 10 - You only need one))    ~$3    
Female Walkery Battery Connector    ~$2   
30 AWG silicone wiring (Red/Black/White)    ~$2    
Total:    $40.00    

3D Parts        
1. Right Frame piece [Steampunk_v2_RightFrame]        
1. Left Frame piece [Steampunk_v2_LeftFrame]        
2. LED Ring Holder (x2) [Steampunk_v2_LEDRingHolder]        
3. Bridge Segments (x2) [Steampunk_v2_Bridge]        
4. Right Cartridge [Steampunk_v2_CartA1]        
5. Left Cartridge [Steampunk_v2_CartB1]        
6. Cartridge Door (x2) [Steampunk_v2_Door]        
7. Potentiometer Flange [Steampunk_v2_PotFlange]        
1. 3D Printer        
2. Soldering Kit        
3. Dremel Tool        
4. Hot Glue Gun        

Goggle Integration

1. Solder 30awg black/red (ground/voltage) wires to the outside pins of the potentiometer
2. Solder a single 30awg blue or white wire to the inside pin of the pot
3. Solder the black wire to an arduino GND through-hole
4. Solder the red wire to the arduino 5v through-hole
5. Solder the blue/white wire to the arduino Analog 7 through-hole
6. Insulate your Arduino assembly with a strip of 1-1/4" clear heat-shrink.
7. Insert the LED retention rings into each cup, making sure to keep the wires in the cutout
8. Install the potentiometer into the 6mm hole in the right cup, lighing up the support peg with the indent
9. Shave down the center hole of two brass gears so that they will fit around the pot shaft.
10. Place the brass gear over the pot shaft and fasten it with a washer and the mounting nut.
11. Insert the right cup into the right-frame, making sure to line up the bridge strap with the cutout in the frame piece, while holding back the wires so that they'll be hidden by the frame.
12. Using a piece of double-sided foam tape, secure the arduino to the inside of the right frame.
13. Remove the mounting nut, clips and clip spring from the magnifying loupe.
13. Insert the loupe pole through a brass gear, then insert it into the 2mm mounting hole in the left frame.
14. Secure the loupe with the mounting nut, tightening it until the loupe lenses are held in tension.
15. Run the battery harness through the hole at the bottom of the battery plate in the left frame piece.
16. Insert the left cup into the left frame, once again making sure that the wires are covered by the frame.

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