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Apr 13th 2017

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DIY Steampunk Goggles Revision 2

Build and program your own Arduino powered Steampunk Goggles!
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Revision 2 of the Steampunk Goggles project has improved comfort, strength and a stealthy cartridge system upgrade!


Vintage Steampunk Goggles    ~$8    
Triple Lens Loupe    ~$7    
Steampunk Gears    ~$7    
16 LED WS2812 Ring ($4 x2)    ~$8    
Arduino Nano    ~$3    
10k Rotary Potentiometer (Pack of 10 - You only need one))    ~$3    
Female Walkery Battery Connector    ~$2    
30 AWG silicone wiring (Red/Black/White)    ~$2    

Total: $40.00


3D Parts  
1. Right Frame piece [Steampunk_v2_RightFrame]        
1. Left Frame piece [Steampunk_v2_LeftFrame]        
2. LED Ring Holder (x2) [Steampunk_v2_LEDRingHolder]        
3. Bridge Segments (x2) [Steampunk_v2_Bridge]        
4. Right Cartridge [Steampunk_v2_CartA1]        
5. Left Cartridge [Steampunk_v2_CartB1]        
6. Cartridge Door (x2) [Steampunk_v2_Door]        
7. Potentiometer Flange [Steampunk_v2_PotFlange]        
1. 3D Printer        
2. Soldering Kit        
3. Dremel Tool        
4. Hot Glue Gun    

The code and STL files can be found at the following HERE

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