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Apr 6th 2017

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Arduino 102: Networking

How to get remote access to your Arduino project!
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Screens and buttons are nice, but it's time to add network capabilities to our Arduino projects. We're going to use an Ethernet shield with an Arduino UNO to build a few basic network-enabled gadgets.


Geek credit UNO R3 ATmega 328P Dev Board    ~$4   
Geek credit Ethernet Shield Module W5100 MicroSD    ~$6    
- or -         
W5100 Ethernet Shield R3 (PoE)    ~$10    
* There are examples of Ethernet projects build into the Sketch IDE        
Ethernet Server with Analog Input        

Code Example: _01_WebServer        
* Code for this example is under "File - > Examples -> Ethernet -> WebServer"        
* We need to change the following in the code:        
  -- Set the IPAddress to ""        
  -- Change the "for" loop so there are only 2 Analog reads        
* We need to wire the following:        
  -- Power to the outer POT pins        
  -- Center pins to A0 and A1        
** Play with the "Refresh" setting to show a quicker refresh    



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