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Mar 9th 2017

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Streaming Studio Part 4: $1000 Budget

We continue building a streaming studio on a budget!
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How to extend HDMI using SDI cables and strip out HDCP, build a $1000 streaming setup, along with a cheap setup for $400!


SDI goes the distance        
-- Jason Perry        
"Hold on.... 
SDI can transmit 300m!!!
Could I use that as a method to extend an HDMI run? 
Would that strip out HDCP?"        
Wiistar 1080p HDMI to SDI Converter    ~$30    
* Up to 200 meters HD        
* Up to 300 meters SD        
* Supports 720 - 1080        
Wiistar 1080p SDI to HDMI Converter    ~$30    
SDI Cable    ~$22    
1. How does it work?        
2. What are the limitations?        
3. Will it strip out HDCP? (No)        

Project Summary        
$3000 for a high-capability studio isn't bad, but what about those who don't have that much to spend? Can we create a high-capability, reliable setup for closer to $1000?        
Parts Required:        
1. A desktop computer        
       System Requirements        
       * Intel Core 2 Duo or better // AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.8Ghz or better        
       * 512MB of Memory         
       * PCIe x1        
2. AverMedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card    ~$160    
3. Canon VIXIA R700 Camcorder    $200.00    
4. Logitech C920 Web camera    $60    

5. Heil PR40 Kit    ~$400    

6. Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Adapter    ~$100    
7. Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit    ~$120    
8. Cables & Tripods    ~$50    
Total Cost    ~$1100    
Hardware Setup        
1. Install the AverMedia Live Game HD Capture Card into a PCIe 1x slot + Software        
    * We like this card because it has onboard processors that offload much of the encoding from the CPU        
    * Supports everything from 480 up to 1080p(60)        
2. Connect the VIXIA Camera to the Capture card        
3. Connect the 920 USB camera        
4. Connect the Heil PR40 to the Shure x2U Adapter        
5. Connect the Shure x2U Adapter to the computer        
6. Install X-Split Broadcaster        
    * X-Split isn't the most feature-rich streaming software, but it's relatively reliable and easy to learn        
Software Setup        
1. Open X-Split Broadcaster        
2. We now need to make a Scene: (Default is #1        
    1) Click "Sources"         
    2) Choose a video source        
    3) Repeat for all video sources in the scene        
    4) Add an audio source        
    * Rinse and repeat for all scenes        
3. We now need to setup a streaming target        
    1) Click "Output"        
    2) Click "Setup new Output"        
    3) Select your Streaming service        
    4) Add an audio source        

Let's go SUPER cheap!        
Budget Setup        
Logitech C920 USB Camera (x2)    $120    
Audio Technica AT2020USB Kit (Mic, Stand, cable, pop filter, headphones)    $160    
Lighting Kit    $120   

Total: $400    

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