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Dec 22nd 2016

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SSD Upgrade for Your PC

Add extra space or upgrade your PC with an SSD!
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What to consider when you want to upgrade your PC to a SSD, but also how to expand your PC's storage even when you don't have anymore slots!

SSD Upgrade

To consider before the upgrade:        
1. How many open PCIe slots do you have?        
2. How many lanes do your open PCIe slots have?        
3. What REVISION of PCIe?         
  - 1x 2.0 is limited to 500MB/s per lane (1.0 is limited to 250MB/s)         
  - It's actually LESS once you consider the overhead        
4. Do you have availible SATA power connectors & an ample power supply?        
** If you have an available bay for the SSD        
IO Crest 2 Port SATA III PCIe x1    ~$15    
* Two SATA III Ports        
* PCIe 500MB/s max        
** If you don't have an available bay for the SSD        
SEDNA - PCIe SATA III SSD Adapter (On Board)    ~$32    
* Only needs a single PCIe 2.0 lane (As opposed to M.2 which need x4)        
* Includes one SATA III port on-board & one extra        
* Needs ext power (Not entirely bus powered)        
** If you don't have any availible SATA Power Cables        
StarTech 2x SATA Power Splitter    ~$4    

Kingston UV400 ($60 for 240GB // $110 for 480GB // $240 for 960GB)        
* 550MB/s Read /// 490MB/s Write        
Live Install        
1. Choose your install method        
2. Benchmark (With Crystal Disk Mark)        
Download Benchmark

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