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May 16th 2016

Know How... 212

Lighting 101

Lighting options for mobile camera work and studio!
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Category: Help & How To

We go over light panel options for your camera, and how to light a studio on a budget. 

Let's talk about some Lighting Options!

Light Panels    ~$600

  • GREAT color temperature
  • Smooth Dimming
  • SUPER High Quality light

Supercheap On-Camera LED Light    ~$24

  • 160 LED array that can use camera batteries
  • Color is not great, but it can be corrected with WB        

Inexpensive Studio Lighting Kit    ~$125

  • 3 Lightboxes w/Diffusers
  • 3 Stands, 1 w/boom arm (For the Hair Light)
  • 2400 Watts

On-Camera Features that you need to learn

  1. White Balance // Black Balance
  2. Iris & Depth of Field
  3. Gain

In-Studio Tricks

  1. Camera on a Stick!
  2. Prompter

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