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May 12th 2016

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Programming a Stepper Motor

Build a panning platform using a stepper motor!
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Build a panning platform using a stepper motor and arduino, and learn about Tootz the rainbow farting unicorn!


Parts Needed 

1. 2 x 28BYJ-48 Motor + ULN2003 Driver $2.08 

2. 5V UBEC $2.68 

3. Arduino

4. Jumpers

5. 3D Printer The STL Files for our 3D Printed frame


3D Printed Parts

1. Base

2. Shelf

3. Shaft Adapters



1. Install the Stepper Motor into the frame using M3 screws and nuts

2. Connect the Stepper Motor to the Driver Board

3. Connect the Driver Board to 4 pins on the Arduino

4. Connect 5V Power to the Arduino

5. Install nuts into the shaft adapters

6. Install shaft adapters onto Stepper shaft



Both the Arduino Sketch AND Terraterm


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