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May 9th 2016

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Choosing Your Podcast Camera

Continuing our podcasting series with how to pick your podcasting camera
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
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Ever wonder how to decide which camera is the right one for your podcast setup? Fr. Robert and Bryan will show you how!

"Choosing your Podcast Camera
Step 1: Know your format and budget!"
Sub $100 -- USB Cameras (Mostly for live streaming.)
Sub $400 -- GoPro Cameras (High-Risk shots… should NOT be used as a primary)
Sub $1000 – CMOS-sensor handhelds
Sub $2000 – Multiple sensor, mid-range handhelds
Sub $3000 – Multiple sensor, mid-range Prosumer
$4000 and above – multiple sensor, high-end Prosumer and above

"Choosing your Podcast Camera
Step 2: Know your Sensors!"
Many cameras us CMOS sensors. They're MUCH better than they were in the old days, but they're still not as sensitive to light as CCDs.
Multiple Sensor cameras use multiple sensors to pick up red/blue/green
3CCD is still the gold standard

"Choosing your Podcast Camera
Step 3: Know your Audio!"
You want a camera has dedicated STANDARD audio inputs.
XLR preferred - 3.5mm acceptable.
Avoid proprietary solutions.

"Choosing your Podcast Camera
Step 4: Know your Media Format!"
AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) with SDHC storage
* Data Rates from 10 to 25Mbps
* Can record on SD Class 10 cards – minimum of 10Mbps write speed (a 32GB Class 10 will cost ~$20)
* 32GB of storage can capture 4 hours at 1080p 60fps

DVCPro with P2 (Professional Plug-In)
* Maximum Data Rate of 1.2GB (a 32GB P2 card will cost ~$300)
* Will EAT through the memory: 32 min at 1080i 60fps

Logitech HD Pro C920
* Price: ~$70
* Includes H.264 Hardware Encoding

Panasonic AG-HMC150
* Price: ~$1000

HDMI with Ethernet
* It's a standard HDMI cable that supports 720p or 1080i.
* It also has a dedicated data channel (HDMI Ethernet Channel) that works ONLY if the device on either end of the cable support the HDMI Ethernet Channel
* However, it will work just fine as a Plain-Ole-HDMI Cable

"Select Series" of HDMI Cables at Monoprice
* About 50% the cost of Amazon's cables
* Their 6" version does just fine with 4K signal

Two inexpensive motors that I like!
Emax MT2213 (935KV)

Emax MT2216 (810KV)

Here are the Pots I used:
8pcs 3-pin, 15mm shaft w/caps
* 1K to 1M Impedence

And here is my Arduino Uno Mounting Board
* I gave two versions, with platform, and the holder alone.

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