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Jan 7th 2016

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All About Drones

FAA Guidelines, flying basics, and mini FPV.
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FAA Drone Guidelines are here, how to fly safely, practice flying exercises, and a 150 Micro FPV quad build.


FAA Drone Guidelines for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (What the FAA calls them insead of "drones")

Here are the regulations in a nutshell:

1. Any craft over 250g needs to be registered

2. You need to be at least 13 years old to register.

3. You will need serial numbers attached to the drone

4. No Registration at point of sale, but you will need to register before you buy.

5. Registration will happen through a website or app. NO NEED TO USE A 3RD PARTY.

6. The fee should be essentially FREE (The task force recommended free or $0.001)


Drone Safety

1. Know your aircraft. -- Does it have GPS? Magnetometer? If so, know how to calibrate it, and do it EVERY TIME you fly.

2. Props OFF!!!! --- Always take your props off anytime you tune your drone

3. Know the Flight Rules -- Yield to all manned craft -- No craft over 55lbs -- Don't Fly over people, cars, crowds, stadiums, transportation paths -- Don't Fly over 400 ft -- Don't Fly within 5 miles of an aiport -- Don't fly beyond line of sight.

4. Figure out Inertia and Momentum -- It takes time for your props to spin up and down. Get accustomed to how much time that takes, because it will determine how rapidly your craft can adjust its flight -- Remember that there is lag between input and action

5. Don't fly anything bigger than 6" indoor

6. Do your drone exercises! -- Hover -- Ground Effect -- Walk the Quad -- Circle of Death -- Nose in/Nose Out


Micro Drone Parts List

Diatone 150 Micro FPV Frame $10.00 

RTF 1306 - 3100KV $40.00  

20A LittleBee ESC $52.00 

FX799T Micro 5.8G Race Transmitter $27.00 

20 AWG Silicone Wire (1m B/1m R) $1.39 

600TVL 170 Wide Angle Lens Camera $10.00 

JST Female Connection Cable $0.50 

Zippy 500mAh 3S 35C $8.98 

RTF 3x3 Fiberglass Composite $3.68 

Total Price $153.55

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