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Dec 10th 2015

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Maker Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide for your maker geek!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
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Our gift suggestions for the maker geek in your life, from Soldering Stations to 3D printers.


Maker Geek Gift Guide

Zeny SMD Soldering Station ($80) 

* Iron temp: 200-480c

* Hot Air temp: 100-480c

* 10lbs

* Multiple Tips

* Voltage Meter

* Amp Meter

* DC Power Supply

Digital and Totally adjustable Aven Circuit Board Holder ($13) 

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B ($38) 

* 900 Mhz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (8x Performance of the original)

* 1GB of Memory (4x of the original)

Official Raspberry Pi Foundation 7" Touchscreen LCD Display ($99 -- But should be sub $60) 

* 7" 800 x480

* 10-point capacitive Multi-touch

* Comes with an adapter board that powers the display (from Micro-USB) and converts the parallel output from the touch sensor on the display, to the serial port on the RasPi My Dremel Tool!


Let's Make a Clean Box

1. A Box

2. Tape

3. Saran Wrap Dremel Vacuum Rotary Tool ($30)

* Connects to a 1-1/4" Shop Vac -- I would suggest a 12 gallon, 6hp Shop Vac

Dremel 4200 Corded Rotary Took Kit: Platinum Edition ($184) 

* 1.6 Amp motor // 7ft cord

* 5,000-35,000 rpm

* 2-year warranty

* The Platinum Edition comes with: -- 77 Tools -- Carrying Case

** Sells as low as $66 with 36 tools

** The big sell is the keyless chuck -- No more working your fingers to remove the tool!

Dremel 3D Idea Builder ($900)  

* Super Quiet

* Large build platform: 9" x 5.9" x 5.5" * PLA Filaments only (Non-Heated Bed)

* 0.004" layer thickness (100 microns)

* 4GB of Internal Storage

* Up to 32GB of SD Storage

* Color Touch Screen for independent printing.

* No Filament DRM... but you will have to re-wind or setup an external spool

* 1-yr warranty

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