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Oct 22nd 2015

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Drone Killer, Win10 Nag, and Electronics Kit

2.4 Ghz Jammer, stop Win 10 nagging, and feedback.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
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Battelle Memorial Institute has created the "Drone Defender, remove the Windows 10 Nag function, finding shorts BEFORE they kill your gear, SlimPort Nano Console, electronics kit essentials, and more.


Remove Windows 10 Pop Up

The Windows 10 Nag function comes from a few different updates, most notably: "Update for Microsoft Windows" "KB3035583"  "Update for Microsoft Windows" "KB2952664"

1. Remove update "Update for Microsoft Windows" "KB3035583 "

2. Remove Update "Update for Microsoft Windows" "KB2952664 "

You can also open a CMD shell (with Administrative Privs) and type -- "wusa /uninstall /KB:3035583

Download the Registry Entry for "Take Ownership" 

3. Navigate to "Windows\System32\GWX" 4. Delete the Director * You May Need to "Take Ownership"


Electronics Kit Essentials 

Weller 40 Watt Soldering Iron $21.03

Helping Hands $6.10 

Digital Multimeter $8.68 

Heat Shrink Tubing $8.10 

Desoldering Wick $2.97 

Solder Can $8.94 

Wire Cutter $7.87 

Wire Stripper $7.98 

Total $71.67


Common Parts

LED Light Strips $6.99 

Sparkfun 500 1/4w Resistor Kit $11.95 

20 types from 0 to 1M ohm 270pcs Cap Pack $13.99 

15 types : 16-50v // 0.1uF to 470pF Padre's Favorite Part: RTF 1-17V Adjustable Voltage Regulator $0.99 

Can accept 4.75 to 23v * Outputs 1-17volts * 1.8A current (3A surge) * Weighs 1g

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