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Sep 10th 2015

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IBM Rat Brain, PCIe SSD, and Questions

IBM Rat Brain, PCIe SSD, and your questions!
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IBM Rat Brain, PCIe SSD, and your questions!

IBM's "Digital Rat Brain"

Last year, IBM announced the creation of a chip that more closely resembled an organic brain than a traditional silicon IC.
-- Rather than storing data in memory cells, the new chip worked more like neurons in the brain.

The reason we do this is because while digital computers are GREAT at processing calculations (logic), they're NOT good at finding paterns in that data.
* This is why a computer can do math faster than we could ever do
* But when it comes to being able to recognize anything that could be used as a chair, or a ladder, it gets complicated.
-- The brain knows that a chair or a ladder should do, and we can extrapolate beyond what we see, and use our reasoning.
-- A Logic-based computer would need instructions to recognize any time of chair, or any type of ladder, and it will probably miss some obvious patterns because that EXACT sequence of data wasn't programmed into the software.

So... IBM just made a major advancement!
* They created a system that contains 48 million "digital neurons"
-- That's roughly the same number as is found in the brain of a mouse.

By combining their "digital neuron" computers with traditional "logic computers" they've created a "left brain" and a "right brain"
-- The Left brain is logical
-- The right brain finds patterns

Not only that, but this new architecture can be more powerful while using less power.
-- While the old chips are always processing instructions and usually on, the new IBM chips can work on "spikes" in activity, saving power while increasing it's maximum processing capacity.
-- This could give us super-powered phones that last for DAYS.

It's a brave new world... but don't get too excited...
* 48 million neurons sounds like a lot..
** By comparison, the human brain had about 100 billion neurons and 100-1000 trillion synapses

Compact 20A ESC
-- Rob Yesta
"What mini 20A ESCs do you recommend for the KH250? I am looking for smaller compact ESCs to save space and weight. I will still use the 2208-2300KV motors."

20 Amp Mini ESC

But let's do some math!
Watts = Volts * Amps
-- The 2208 2300KV motor can pull 295 watts
-- If you use a 3s battery (11.1volts) you are pulling 26.57 amps to get 295 watts
-- If you use a 4s batter (14.8volts) you are pulling 19.93 amps to get 295 watts

** So... if you're going to use this ESC, make sure you're running a 4s battery!

Losing my Props!
-- Steve Prior
"With the KH250 build I'm noticing that any time I have a crash my prop spinner and washer fly off, even when using Locttite Blue on the threads. The build doesn't provide CW/CCW specific shafts - should we be using shafts that will tighten, not loosen in the event of a crash and be less likely to spin off?."

CCW Propeller Adapters

I want to monitor my network!
-- T Raburn
Any suggestions on a network monitor that can capture how much data each device on a network is using, without having to install it on all devices? I know there is an app that I can download for PC's but I want to monitor all devices, including Roku's and Chromecasts on the network from one location. I have a Netgear WNDR3800 router, 3 computers, 1 roku, 2 chromecasts, 2 iPhones and an iPad.

* Wireshark
* Taps
* The ITUS Guardian

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