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Apr 30th 2015

Know How... 141

Augmented Car Reality, Gameboy Backlight and Thrust

Learn how to test your quad copter thrust!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Augmented Reality glasses for drivers of future Mini Coopers, Backlight mod for your Original Gameboy, accurately thrust test your quad copter motors, online 3D printing options, and sewers of West London there is a monster... Advanced Thrust Tester Parts: 1. A Thrust measuring device * Turnigy Thrust Stand $48.75 2. Power Meter * Turnigy 2-in-1 Power Meter $16.36 3. Electronic Speed Control * F-30A Fire Red Series SimponK-RapidESC $10.00 4. Bullet Conectors * 4mm Gold Bullet Connectors (Pack of 10) $11.99 * 3.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors (Pack of 40) $3.99 * 2mm Gold Bullet Connectors (Pack of 20) $4.99 5. Silicone Wire * 14 AWG * 18 AWG Tools: * Wire Cutter * Wire Stripper * Soldering Kit (Iron, Solder, Helping Hands) Procedure: 1. Slide Covers onto both sets of leads * Source Side: Positive = Larger Side of Cover * Load Side: Negative = Larger Side of Cover 2. Solder 4mm Connectors to both ends of the Turnigy 2-in-1 Power Meter * Source Side: Positive = Female Connector // Negative = Male Connector * Load Side: Positive = Male Connector // Negative = Female Connector 3. Create 4mm to XT60 Adapter * Solder XT60 connector onto 14 AWG Silicone wire * Solder 4MM connector onto other side * Insulate XT60 Ends 4. Solder Connectors onto ESC * 4mm connector onto Power Leads * 3.5mm Female Bullet connectors on Motor Leads * Insulate Ends 5. Create 3.5mm to 2mm Adapters * Solder 3.5mm Male Bullet Connectors on one end of 18 AWG silicon Wire * Solder 2mm Female Bullet Connectors on the other end of 18 AWG Silicone wire * Insulate Ends 6. Attach Servo Tester to ESC control leads

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